CACTUSS Central 2/18 and North 2/19 - Temporal Data and Tricks in SQL

 This month Joe Celko will be presenting Temporal Data and Tricks in SQL 

Joe will present to CACTUSS Central on Monday 2/18 and CACTUSS North on Tuesday 2/19

Temporal Data and Tricks in SQL
  • The Nature of Time
  • The ISO Model of Time
  • The ISO-8601 Standards
  • The Calendar Table
  • Report Periods Table 
  • Contiguous Time Periods with New Aggregate Functions
Joe Celko served 10 years on ANSI/ISO SQL Standards Committee and contributed to the SQL-89 and SQL-92 Standards.  He is author of nine books on SQL for Morgan-Kaufmann. He has written over 1200 columns in the computer trade and academic press, mostly dealing with data and databases.

We meet every third Monday at the Experis Austin offices

The meeting starts at 6:00 PM with the main presentation starting at 6:30 PM
Experis IT
301 Congress Avenue, Suite 360
Austin, TX 78701

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We meet every third Tuesday at the Microsoft South Central District offices.

The meeting starts at 5:30PM CST with food and a QA session. Main presentation is at 6:00PM CST.
Quarry Oaks II
10900 Stonelake Blvd., Suite 225
Austin, TX 78759
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