Mission Possible: Interactive Performance Troubleshooting - Indexes

CACTUSS Central - Wednesday January 15, 2014

Jim Murphy will be presenting
Mission Possible: Interactive Performance Troubleshooting -  Indexes

Performance troubleshooting is detective work. We'll have a lab system being assaulted by PowerShell scripts  (to simulate live users), and simulated performance problems like those that can make your on-call cell phone ring too much! Do you think you have what it takes to find these "needle in the haystack" issues and resolve them quickly?  This will be a highly interactive session where we will locate the rogue queries together, work through solutions, implement them and measure the results.  In this episode we'll focus primarily on improper indexing as a common underlying problem. We'll go through as many scenarios as will fit in 1.5h, and all will walk away with much better troubleshooting skills and an upgraded knowledge of performance tuning!  200-300 Level. Skills Used: DM's, Exec Plans, Perfmon, etc. 

Jim Murphy has been using Microsoft SQL Server since version 6.0 back in the 90's. He is the President/CEO of SQLWatchmen, LLC., a managed DBA service provider for smaller companies who do not need a full-time DBA. He runs the Austin SQL Server User Group: CACTUSS Central and sits on the board of SQLPOSSE.com. He has been a professional DBA and developer for over 20 years and has run a consulting company full-time for over a decade.


Since the meeting is normally on Monday and the next two month's holiday's fall on Monday, we booked the library but for the 3rd WEDNESDAY of each month.  What is more, since we've talked about changing the date with the theory being Monday nights are hard to get away from work on time, we went ahead and booked ALL 2014 for the 3rd WEDNESDAY of every month.    

We meet the third Wednesday of each month. The meeting starts at 6:00 PM with food, and a QA session and the main presentation starts at 6:30 PM

Pleasant Hill Public Library
211 E. William Cannon Drive
Austin, TX, 78745
It is located on William Cannon just West of IH-35

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