Speeding Up Aggregations with Indexed Views

This month's presentation will be given by one of our very own members Steven Ormrod. Steven will present at both our Central and North meetings. So, come to the meeting to connect, share, and learn from a Microsoft Certified Master. 

Speeding Up Aggregations with Indexed Views

Do you have a report that’s taking too long? Is the CEO standing over your desk asking when it will be done? If your queries rely on complex aggregations then you may be able to speed things up with a few well-placed indexes and indexed views. In this demo-centric session, we’ll look into query plans to identify the tell-tale signs of an Aggravating Aggregation. First, we’ll see how we can use standard indexes in order to speed things up. Then, we’ll take it up a notch by adding Indexed Views to make things even faster. On Monday, you’ll be armed with CEO Kryptonite that will leave you plenty of time to read blogs all day.


Steven is a Senior Consultant for Catapult Systems where he focuses on SQL Server and Business Intelligence. Previously, he worked as a Senior Database Administrator with hundreds of servers located internationally; focusing on High-Availability Architectures, Troubleshooting, and Index Tuning. He is a board member for the Austin, Texas PASS Chapter. Steven holds a BS in CS and a M. Ed. He enjoys cooking, traveling, and snorkeling. MCITP SQL 2008: DBA & Dev; MCTS SQL 2008: BI Dev.

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